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Ensuring the best herbs and spices product is our commitment for client’s expectation!

We provide our best quality product at best price.
We are committed to help customers from around the world, providing them an accurate and useful information regarding our Supplies. at any time.
We support for society collaboration to empowering our farmers, government, and other communities.

About Us

spices supplier in Indonesia

Our company “PT Indo Berkah Niaga” is on track of becoming among the leading spices supplier in Indonesia and internationally, which locate in Lampung (Sumatera), Indonesia.

Indo Berkah Niaga is known as the profesional capable supplier & exporter for Indonesian spices, herbs & agriculture commodity such Ginger, Galangal, Cinnamon, Kaempferia Galanga/ Ginge Sand, White Pepper, Black Pepper, Clove, Stem Clove, Cocoa, Coffee Bean, Dried Vanilla Bean, VCO, Banana Leaf and Palm Sugar & White Sugar.

Our aim is complete satisfaction by demonstrating professional service, firm commitment to the business process, and fair agreements at competitive prices. We endeavor to make long term relationships based on trust and accountability.

We directly source and process the commodity by way of our profesional & highly experienced team to ensure the highest quality supplies.

We are committed to providing high quality herbs and spices to promote the health and well-being of mankind.


White Peper
Black Peper
Clove Stem
Coffee Beans
Palm Sugar

Kaempferia Galanga/Ginger Sand
Banana Leaf
Dried Vanilla

Red Ginger

Reliable Indonesian Herbs and Spices Supplier!

If you have a special request or specific needs according to the herbs and spices, we are ready to working on it. Contact us WA +6285709689447

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